Attention Uber Drivers, Instacart Deliverers, and Postal Workers in the Tulsa Area! Earn $1000 by Referring Distressed or Vacant Homes!

Are you always on the move, driving or delivering mail throughout the city? We need your help in locating properties that need some TLC or have been sitting vacant. Keep an eye out for homes with overgrown yards, boarded-up windows, or signs of neglect – these are the hidden gems we're looking for!
Here's how it works:
  1. Spot a distressed or vacant home during your daily route? Take note of the address and submit it to us.
  2. If your referred address leads to a closed sale, we'll reward you with $1000!
It's that simple! By partnering with us, you can help revitalize neighborhoods and give new life to properties in need of love. Plus, you'll earn extra cash for your keen eye and local knowledge.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference in your community and get paid for your efforts! Start referring addresses today and see the rewards roll in.
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To identify distressed properties, it's essential to look for specific characteristics that indicate potential issues. Here are seven types of homes that could be considered distressed:
  1. Vacant Properties: Homes that have been unoccupied for an extended period, often characterized by overgrown landscaping, boarded-up windows, and visible signs of neglect.
  2. Code Violations: Properties with visible issues such as structural damage, hazardous conditions, or unsanitary living environments, which may be subject to local code enforcement actions.
  3. Properties with Liens: Homes with outstanding financial obligations, such as unpaid taxes or utility bills, which could be at risk of foreclosure or other legal actions.
  4. Homes in Foreclosure: Properties in the process of being repossessed by a lender due to the homeowner's failure to make mortgage payments.
  5. Houses with Hoarding or Extreme Clutter: Properties with an excessive accumulation of belongings, creating hazardous living conditions and posing potential health risks.
  6. Properties with Significant Damage: Homes that have experienced major damage from events such as fires, floods, or natural disasters, which require substantial repairs or reconstruction.
  7. Houses with Unfinished Construction or Renovations: Properties that have stalled construction or incomplete renovation projects, indicating financial or other issues that have prevented their completion.
When scouting for distressed properties, keep an eye out for these indicators, as they often signal potential opportunities for revitalization and investment.


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