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About Us

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Sammi and Stephanie embarked on their real estate journey together in 2022, combining their skills and expertise for greater success.
Stephanie's real estate adventure began with renting a room in her home on Airbnb and has since expanded to managing five short-term rentals and three long-term rentals. Seeking to grow beyond buying from the MLS, she delved into wholesaling and recognized the need for a partner.

Enter Sammi, who joined forces with Stephanie to handle the company's day-to-day operations.

Together, they set up a makeshift office in an unfinished Airbnb, pooling their ideas, conducting research, and making cold calls. After just five weeks of hard work, they secured their first contract.

Determined to challenge the stigma surrounding wholesaling, Sammi and Stephanie are dedicated to transparency, fairness, and resourcefulness. They strive to provide sellers with valuable solutions and offer equitable deals.

In 2023, Sammi and Stephanie further expanded their influence in the real estate industry by acquiring WIRE, an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering women in real estate. Through WIRE, they aimed to provide resources, knowledge, and a supportive community to help other women thrive in this competitive industry.

Their partnership showcases the power of collaboration and shared values in achieving success within the real estate industry.

Sammi & Steph



Stephanie Orr

Mathematics and engineering physics may seem like distant worlds from the realm of real estate, but for me, they have seamlessly converged into a fascinating journey.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a minor in engineering physics from NSU Tahlequah, I embarked on a career in the Oil and Gas industry. For 15 years, I honed my skills as an engineer and geological technician, working at the headquarters of various corporate oil giants. It was during these formative years that my expertise in acquisitions flourished, as I meticulously assessed the viability of large asset purchases and predicted cashflows with precision.

But life has a way of guiding us towards unexpected passions, and in 2018, I felt the magnetic pull of real estate. It all started with a single long-term rental home, a condo that opened my eyes to the vast potential within the industry. As fate would have it, my path swiftly intertwined with Airbnb, and I discovered a newfound love for short-term rentals. Today, my company, Teelo, proudly manages and rents out six individual listings, each exuding its own unique charm and character. But that's not where our journey ends.

Recognizing the value of diversity in our portfolio, I made strategic moves to expand our reach. Two long-term rental properties were added to our repertoire, bringing our grand total to eight homes that we expertly manage and rent in various capacities. But it doesn't stop there.

Renovations have become my canvas for creativity and transformation. As an owner and project manager, I have been intricately involved in approximately seven large-scale remodels. Whether for my holding company, Teelo, or in partnership with Triangle Home Solutions, these projects have allowed me to manifest visions into reality, breathing new life into properties and unlocking their true potential.

Sammi Johnson

They say thinking big is a priceless trait, and I couldn't agree more. With a broad-ranging creative vision, I am bringing a fresh perspective to the table.

I entered the corporate world, testing the waters of investment banking at the prestigious Goldman Sachs in the heart of NYC. The fast-paced environment taught me invaluable lessons, shaping my mindset and igniting a fire within. Seeking new challenges, I ventured into the oil and gas industry at Cimarex in Tulsa, where I further honed my skills and expanded my knowledge.

But deep down, I always felt the pull towards entrepreneurship. That's when I took the leap and founded my own social media marketing firm, embarking on an 11-year journey that would forever change my life.

During this exhilarating chapter, I had the privilege of serving a diverse range of clients. From small businesses to an international non-profit, a publishing company, and even renowned beauty brands, my firm made waves in the digital realm. I thrived on the challenges, constantly pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results.

And then came the turning point. Co-owning Triangle became my new adventure, a realm where my creativity truly flourished. In this dynamic role, I wear many hats - from marketing and networking to staging and design. But it doesn't stop there. With my license as a real estate agent, I take pride in working directly with buyers and ensuring our properties are showcased to their fullest potential.

With Triangle, we have closed 13 wholesales, flipping 2 homes with resounding success. But that's not all. We are currently immersed in three exciting remodel projects, each at a different stage of transformation, with our sights set on a duplex, a long-term rental.

Sammi Johnson

Our Mission

Transparency, Fairness & Resourcefulness

Triangle Home Solutions' mission is to help home owners sell their homes quick and easy, with no headache. Triangle will either find investors who want to rehab the home, or we will buy it ourself. We let our core values of transparency, fairness and resourcefulness guide us in all of our actions.

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